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Found fifteen years ago in Helsinki, Ferratum bank specializes in mobile financing and money lending. This company is one of the first companies on the global stage to bring banking completely to customer devices. In the century of high technology, Ferratum business opportunities come in handy that explains the quick its rapid growth. Offering a wide service range and providing secure transactions, it has become one of the most frequently preferred lenders in the UK. Ferratum money operations are carried out very fast to satisfy the high demand for urgent short-term loans.

Ferratum credit line - available loan types and their main features

Digital bank offers several options of loans on attractive terms. The main condition that applicants must conform to is being employed and have good credit history. Additionally, there are aspects like candidate’s age or location stability that may be evaluated when taking the final decision. The application process requires several simple steps. If it is the first time you turn for this bank services - start with identifying the sum on site’s homepage and proceed with filling in the application form. Those who applied before can sign in their private accounts and select the required section. There are some points that you should take into account when planning to apply for a short-term loan provided by Ferratum UK:
  • it takes only five minutes to complete the application;
  • decision taking is carried out within several minutes;
  • if your application is approved, the transaction can be expected within 2 hours;
  • repayment time is up to 4 months;
  • possibility for cash application.
  • Ferratum plus loan is a good option if you plan bigger purchases. Maximum available sum is £1000 with a four-month repayment period;
  • business supporting opportunities.
Digital banking services provide convenient applications for all device types. Using them is intuitive: loan calculator on the homepage allows evaluating the opportunities as all conditions are clearly stated. Ferratum money reviews prove the reliability of its services. Users point out highly responsive customer support and prompt decision-making. The company’s high reputation is due to the nuanced approach and high responsibility that was evaluated by customers in the UK.