Quickquid - a short review of available loan types and their key features.

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The company is widely known as a short-term money service provider. Actually, it holds a position among the most preferred banks of the same concept if the United Kingdom due to its flexibility and clearly stated conditions. Convenient interface of the company website and mobile application allows customers to figure out the rates and repaying scheme. To evaluate all aspects before taking the final decision, you should use online Quickquid calculator. The maximum available borrowed sum is £1000 for new clients and £1500 for the existing ones. There are three possible repayment schemes:
  • 1 period - the loan sum including the interest is expected on the due date of repayment;
  • 2 periods - first payment includes the interest, while the actual credit sum with additional interest needs to be paid on the second repayment date;
  • 3 periods - the interest is divided into two payments, and the loan sum plus the additional interest are to be paid on the third scheduled date.

Applying for Quickquid loan

To become a candidate for a short-term credit is easy and takes only several minutes. Having completed the preparatory estimation with the calculating tool, proceed with filling in the form with your personal data including employment and financial information. Select the desired service type out of the available variants and submit the form. The list of requirements to applicants include:
  • being more than 18 years old;
  • being a UK resident;
  • having a regular income that can be proved by relevant papers;
  • having a personal account in a UK bank.
You will be issued the decision shortly after the check-up of the provided details. According to Quickquid reviews, most applications get the approval, and the money is transferred to customer bank account within 10 minutes.

Quickquid payday loans

In cases of urgent payment anticipation, you can use this kind of credit. Payday credit option happens to be very helpful, although you may find the Interest rate quite high. In case you want to ask the bank for loan cancellation, there is a possibility of Quickquid refund. Still, it is recommended to verify it with bank specialists due to possible peculiarity of every individual case. To gain a highly positive credit experience make sure you possess the latest information about terms and rates before you apply for any money services.