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In order to get any type of financial assistance, it’s better to make a research about the solutions offered both online and in bank. Speaking about small amounts of funds to borrow, the customer has to be even more watchful, as these loans have lots of peculiarities to consider. This Cashper online kredit review contains the key features of this lender with the main pros and cons, as well as the terms and conditions of the services. The company is designed to provide mini-credits in the amount of 100 to 600 euro for 15-60 days. This European lending provider has a good reputation among customers and more than 100 000 grateful borrowers. To find out more about the platform, please keep reading this review.

Cashper Mini Kredit features – positive and negative aspects

The platform’s main service is a short-term loan in order to satisfy some urgent financial needs as fast as possible. Therefore the interest rates can reach up to 2969%, which may seem extremely high. At the same time, the company offers financial help to customers in the situations when other moneylenders do not agree to cooperate. So the unemployment or bad credit history is not an obstacle to get an advance payment anymore. To apply for a loan, you should first check your financial abilities with the online-calculator, after that fill in the registration form providing all the information required about yourself and your financial situation, and finally wait until the money is sent to your bank account. As you can see, the procedure is fast and simple. These are the basic requirements to qualify for Cashper Kredit:
  • the minimum age is 21-year-old;
  • the permanent, registered residence is in Germany;
  • there is a monthly, stable income of at least 700 euros.

Positive and negative sides of the platform

Despite the immediateness in receiving your credit, the short-term lending has some important negative aspects to take into consideration before making a decision to apply for such kind of advance payments. The main positive sides:
  • no requirements of credit score;
  • immediate obtaining of funds;
  • quick application process;
  • easy-to-use platform;
  • the availability 24/7.
The negative sides:
  • high rates;
  • penalties for early repayments.
Kredit Von Cashper is the convenient way to receive some extra funds in the shortest terms. However the price for such financial assistance is quite high, that’s why you should consider all the aspects and risks, as well as make sure you can pay off your loan in time before applying for the platform.