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Online lending industry is constantly offering dozens of services designed to provide the customers with temporary financial assistance. The more companies appear on the internet – the more complicated it is to pick up the best one. Therefore, we’ve prepared for you all the key features of Sainsburys Bank online lender in one brief review. The platform offers different types of loans in the amount of £ 1 000 to £ 40 000 and 1 to 7 years to pay them back. The APR is quite competitive and depends on the individual financial circumstances of each particular borrower.

Sainsburys Bank: reviews of company’s lending solutions

To start cooperating with the company, first of all calculate your credit chances with the help of special online-tool, which doesn’t hurt your credit score. Then decide, what actually do you need the money for and choose a category on the website. Here is the list of what financial products you can count on within the company:
  1. Sainsburys Bank mortgages – is allowed to borrow up to £ 1 000 000 with the fixed interest rate and flexible repayment term.
  2. Insurance services – are intended to protect your car, house, pets and life.
  3. Sainsburys Bank credit card – is available for purchases or balance transfer of the platform’s customers.
  4. Savings of funds – the service gives the opportunity to save your money with the help of various types of deposit accounts.
  5. Travel money – guarantees exchange of foreign currency with 0% commission and good rate.
  6. Sainsburys Bank personal loan – affordable to cover any types of expenses and borrow some extra funds on the most suitable conditions.
To qualify for the services listed above, a potential borrower has to be more than 18-year-old, be a resident of the UK, receive a stable annual income starting from £ 7 500 and have no problems with bankruptcy. If these criteria are about you, feel free to apply and get your funds.

Strengths and weaknesses of the platform

The benefits you can get from the lender are evident; however, there are also some weak points to consider before making a decision. The main strengths:
  • fixed competitive rates;
  • accurate website and simple process of application;
  • huge variety of categories of advance payments;
  • repayment holidays for 2 months.
The main weaknesses:
  • fees for both early and late repayment;
  • perfect credit history required.
According to this survey, Sainsburys Bank loan can be a great alternative for those who have some unexpected financial difficulties. After discovering all the positive and negative aspects of the company, the decision is totally up to you.