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Founded by former Google top-managers, the company is education-oriented. It offers the service range for young professionals and recent graduates. You are able to know more about exceptional opportunities the top-ranking company provides due to the detailed outlook that contains an inclusive guide on pros and cons of the well-known online lender and Upstart reviews as well. Consumers leave the informative feedback that gives an opportunity to make an objective summary the users need for. The main objective is to describe the peculiarities of the most popular financial service - Upstart personal loan.

The Upstart loans – advantages and disadvantages to take into account

The company of our interest are is meant as an online platform that enables applicants to borrow money starting from 1,000$ with the highest amount of 50,000$. It is the only digital platform that takes into consideration your job history and your higher education apart from your credit card data. Depending on your application, the annual percentage rate may vary from 4,68% to 35,99%. It is worth noting that the average Upstart personal loans (without additional privileges for permanent clients) have the exceptional characteristics that are performed below:
  1. It has 3 and 5-year terms.
  2. The loan offers monthly payments of 35$ for each 1,000$ borrowed.
  3. It includes an origination fee of 4%.
Despite the all-inclusive approach, consumers have to meet certain requirements in order to qualify for an Upstart personal loan. Reviews of the clients have shown that:
  1. You should be a college graduate (highly advisable).
  2. Your yearly income should exceed 92,000$.
  3. Your credit score should be higher than 689.
According to the consumers' experience, the company is a reliable one but at the same time is not free from shortcomings to take into consideration.

Upstart loan reviews - all real PROS & CONS

Ex-clients and present day consumers are satisfied with the speed of the company managers (the requests are processed immediately) - you are able to get an answer within 1 business day. Among other pros are next features to mention:
  • holistic examination process;
  • low interest rates;
  • fast disbursements;
  • rate checking with no credit penalty;
  • loan options availability in most states.
A high origination fee is the disadvantage of the top-ranking financial organization – the amount of money taken from your loan before giving it to you can reach up to 8%. Upstart consumers are not allowed to have cosigners as well. But all clients are required to have a rather low debt-to-income ratio that is the positive aspects to count on.