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The company is a subsidiary of IPF Digital - the leading lender in the small and medium-size market segment in several global locations, such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Spain, Mexico, Poland, and Australia. To this day, the organization has provided in excess of 200,000 loans to its customers in different jurisdictions. This is one of the most straight forward Credit24 reviews, and it contains all the key features of the credit products of this leading international small and medium-size provider with the main PROS and CONS of the service listed below. We have tried to provide the readers with the complete picture in order to help them decide which product fits them most.

Credit24: positive and negative aspects to consider

We have studied the Credit24 loans and here is our honest opinion. The main PROs are:
  • international company, part of IPF Group, listed on the London Stock Exchange;
  • has over two and a half million customers in twelve jurisdictions;
  • there are several plans to choose from, with varying amounts and duration;
  • the shortest length of the repayment period is 6 months;
  • the longest length is 36 months;
  • support is available 7 days of the week;
  • transparent, easy to understand pricing;
  • you can borrow amounts from $500 to $10,000.
The main CONs:
  1. Customers cannot have more than one loan at a time. Must close the previous outstanding balance in order to be able to borrow more.
  2. The Credit24 UK is not yet available.
The plans and pricing The pricing plans could vary: Small: 6 to 12 months - the best Credit24 product option in our opinion
  • no interest;
  • borrow from $500 - $2000;
  • fees: establishment fee (20% of the loan amount) plus a monthly service fee of 4%.
Medium: 12 to 24 months
  • interest 48% p.a.;
  • amounts from $2100 to $5000;
  • establishment fee ($400), no monthly service charge.
Large: 12 to 36 months
  • interest 48% p.a.;
  • size: $2100 - $5000;
  • establishment fee ($400), no monthly service charges.
We have discovered that the company offers a good choice of lending products and easy access to small to medium loans to the public in a number of markets globally. Although, the fees and interest rates might be higher than a regular bank product, for those customers who need urgent money the products might be a great solution. The downturn is that the access to these loans is still not available in the majority of European and other markets. One also cannot take more than one loan at a time and must finish the existing outstanding balance prior to applying for more.