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There are lots of internet-sources designed to borrow some additional funds. To pick up the best one, it's highly recommended to explore information about different aspects of each particular lender. Cash Store reviews describe the peculiarities of the platform and the services it provides as well as advantages and disadvantages of being the company’s customer. The platform can lend you from $100 to $5000 for various terms. As it offers only short-term loans, the annual percentage rate is quite high, ranging from 390 % to 790 %, which is normal for such types of services. Therefore such financial assistance is perfect if you need fast cash to cover some unexpected expenses, pay debt or in case of emergency situations.

Cash Store loans peculiarities – advantages and disadvantages of the lender

The company offers three main services: installment, title and cash advance loans with different terms and conditions depending on the particular service chosen. The process of application consists of two steps:
  1. Fill in the registration form on the website, indicating your name, telephone number, email and address, as well as the data about monthly income and financial circumstances.
  2. Find the nearest Cash Store Lombard location and bring all the documents required to complete the application.
After that you are able to use the borrowed funds for any reasons within the term indicated on your agreement. It is obligatory to pay back in-time in order to avoid fees for late payments. Before deciding whether to use or not to use the platform, please check out whether you fit its requirements and consider the benefits and risks you can expect from the lender. Advantages of the services:
  • accurate and informative website;
  • quick turnaround time;
  • extensive chain of stores (over 300);
  • guaranteed safety of personal information;
  • various special offers.
What to beware of?
  1. The lender is available on limited territories.
  2. The rates are very high.
  3. The actual obtaining of borrowed funds is not possible online.
  4. The platform doesn’t offer any other services except short-time loans.
Due to the huge variety of online moneylenders, it’s quite complicated to choose the one that corresponds to demands and abilities of each consumer. It is to be hoped that the survey about Cash Store online financial company will be helpful for those who are planning to apply for a short-time advance payment.