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Have you ever been faced with the lack of money at the most inappropriate moment? Or maybe you are planning some big purchase or special event? If so, you should get acquainted with online lending companies providing temporary financial assistance in a short period of time. We offer you to take a look at LendingTree reviews, BBB rates it with A-, which means that the company offers good products and satisfy most of its customers. The platform doesn’t lend money itself, instead it bands the borrowers with the lenders, providing the most appropriate solutions for each consumer. The LendingTree mortgage rate starts from 3,99% and can be up to 36%, depending on the credit history of borrowers. According to the purpose of your credit, you are able to borrow from $ 1 000 to $ 50 000, as the company offers various options of loans for different reasons. These are the general characteristics of system however the terms and conditions of each particular loan are determined by the lender you have chosen.

LendingTree mortgage: review of the platform’s options and services

Before deciding to borrow funds from the company, it’s necessary to check out what types of loans does it supply. The main offers provided by the marketplace include:
  1. Credit card.
  2. LendingTree auto loan.
  3. Students advance payment.
  4. Home refinancing
  5. LendingTree business loan.
  6. Debt consolidation.
If you’ve decided to become the company’s consumer, please pay attention to a couple of requirements. First of all, the minimum credit score of the borrower should be 640, therefore for potential customers of LendingTree bad credit history is an obstacle to obtain an advance payment. Second of all, you have to be employed and get a stable monthly income. If you qualify, please go through the registration process and start cooperating with the lender.

Advantages and disadvantages of LendingTree rates, terms and offers

Despite the variety of beneficial options provided by the company, the potential borrower must take into account both positive and negative sides of its services. Here are the most significant pros and cons to bear in mind: Pros:
  • plenty of options available;
  • no application fees;
  • availability to choose the perfect lender out of many;
  • fast and easy application process.
  • not a direct lender;
  • only for borrowers with good to excellent credit score;
  • doesn’t guarantee to find what you’re looking for;
  • may have a bad influence on credit rating.
That’s all you need to know about LendingTree car loans, mortgages and other types of advance payments. We hope that after considering the benefits and risks you might expect from the company, you’ll make the right decision about whether to use or not to use it.