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If you’ve faced with urgent need for some additional funds, the most convenient and fast way to get them is to use the services of online loan companies. Yet, that there are so many of them on the modern financial market, that the borrower may easily get lost. One of the most competitive loan platforms is Credible, so below is the overview of products and offers it provides. The company is not a direct lender, but the marketplace, which bends together lenders online. It means that you don’t borrow money directly from the platform, but with the help of it. Depending on personal circumstances and credit score, the amount of may be from $1 000 to $ 100 000 with annual percentage rate 5,34% to 35,99%.

 Survey of Credible loans available for customers

The platform was found to provide personal loans, but up to now the choice of options is big, so that any financial aim can be fulfilled with the help of:
  1. Personal loans – available for borrowers with credit score around 700 and stable income.
  2. Credible student loans – capable to finance costs of studying, if the potential customer has credit score over 600, the principal of work is all the same – you can choose the best lender out of many.
  3. Mortgage refinancing – helps to get a new credit on better terms and rates.
  4. Credit cards – can be of different types and for any purpose; the consumer just has to indicate the reason of borrowing funds and some additional details, after that select the preferred card type.

Pluses and minuses of applying for the marketplace

Huge competition between different online-lenders causes the necessity to check out the advantages and disadvantages of platforms and their offers. The most important pros and cons of Credible websites are given below. Pros:
  • are many lenders with different conditions gathered in one place;
  • understandable and simple in usage tools;
  • free of charge services;
  • ability to check rates before applying without affecting the credit score.
  • financial intermediary between lender and customer;
  • not so many partners ready to borrow funds;
  • no clear understanding of terms and fees.
Due to the fact that this platform is not literally a lender, potential borrowers should take into consideration some benefits and weak points of using its services. Expectedly, Credible reviews can help to confirm or deny its correspondence to particular customer’s needs.