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Buying a car, planning a wedding or a trip, medical and dental services – all those things that require really big expenses. If you are wondering where to take them from, online financial market suggests a convenient solution – Internet  lending companies. In order to save your time and facilitate searches for the best one, we’ve prepared Lightstream personal loan reviews with all the necessary information about the platform and its products. This online lender is available for borrowers with good credibility and high credit score. Such borrowers are able to get funds to fulfill actually any financial need under condition that credit score of customer starts from 660. Amount of loan provided by Lightstream finance platform is $ 5 000 to $ 100 000, whereas the annual percentage rate differs from 4,49 % to 17,49 %. The interest rates and terms of mortgage vary depending on purpose of borrowing money and income qualification, thus terms of different services are extremely flexible and can be up to 12 years.

Lightstream loan: reviews of the most attractive offers

The company is ready to lend money to achieve huge variety of financial aspirations with the help of its services. Among the most popular offers, there are:
  1. Home renovation credit.
  2. Lightstream auto loan.
  3. Debt consolidation mortgage.
  4. Medical financing.
Besides these offers, the platform website suggests plenty of other categories and options. The process of application starts with creating your personal account and indicating some information about yourself, your income and financial aims. After application, the company informs you whether you’re approved or not, and if you are, the services of platform are at your disposal.

Positive and negative sides of the company offers

Before applying for a credit, it’s better to consider whether you qualify for it or not, as well as to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of services. Main positive sides:
  • big choice of options;
  • no extra fees;
  • $ 100 satisfaction guarantee from lender;
  • joint loans available;
  • good rates;
  • quick services.
Main negative sides:
  1. The products of platform ore not available, if the customer’s credit score is fair or poor.
  2. Getting a Lightstream personal loan requires perfect credit history of borrower.
  3. There are no such offers as financing education and student mortgages.
According to Lightstream reviews, the company provides good opportunities for consumers in a convenient way, however it is not suitable for everyone. Therefore the decision whether to use or not to use the company's services is completely up to you.